Burke / Ticonderoga replacement

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Burke / Ticonderoga replacement

Post by MikeJames »

The USN has just released a computer graphic showing where they are going with their replacement for the Tico's and eventually the Burkes.

USN DDGX option 1.jpg

This is an indicative initial concept, not a formal design, but they are looking at starting construction on a new class in 2028.

Requirements include:

50% range increase
120% time on station increase
25% efficiency increase
10% weight margin growth
20% power increase (for lasers)
40% cooling increase (for computers and lasers)
50% signature reduction
Significant growth in VLS, both in individual cell size and overall numbers.

A destroyer payload module option, between the two funnels, to support role changes.

USN DDGX option 2.jpg

I doubt the final design will look much like this (see the original drawings for the Burkes with what was actually built, and the same goes for the new frigates, that look absolutely nothing like the FREMM they are supposedly based on) but its a start.

Incidentally, it confirms what many of us have thought for several years, the Zumwalt class were a dead end that wasted time and money to no good purpose, leaving the USN to find a role for these white elephants, much as they have had to do with their Littoral Combat Ships, another waste of time and money.

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