QUEEN ELIZABETH in Sydney (23 Feb 2011)

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QUEEN ELIZABETH in Sydney (23 Feb 2011)

Post by CarlLinkenbagh »

Here are some photos of the brand new QUEEN ELIZABETH departing Sydney at 1200 on 23 Feb 2011.

The ship is on her maiden World Cruise and departed the harbour escorted by a fireboat and a flotilla of watercraft. I had a ringside seat at Garden Island to watch her departure from Circular Quay and passage down the harbour towards the open sea. Near Fort Denison she was passed and saluted by the arriving BALMORAL, and also exchanged a whistle salute with the QUEEN MARY 2 (alongside Fleet Base East).
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Re: QUEEN ELIZABETH in Sydney (23 Feb 2011)

Post by alienpew »

Seems to me that they just kept piling the decks on top until the financial guru's said " that's enough, she'll pay for
herself now " !!

What ever happened to 'french curves' ? Ok, I know, computer building programs don't have them, at least Mary's got
something going for her.

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Re: QUEEN ELIZABETH in Sydney (23 Feb 2011)

Post by SlatsSSN »

Yeah its Fuggly all right. As Al alluded to built by Accountants with no taste.

Balmoral on the other hand is a bloody nice ship, in fact that's what caused my addiction. Was on her round the Med when she was "Crown Odyssey" in 2000.
more details here. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balmoral_(cruise_ship)
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