How to edit content

Club Members cannot add or edit the content of this website. Please contact your local Fleet Base rep in the first instance if you see something that needs correcting or adding to your fleet base’s page, mission reports or events. You can find their email from this page.

Fleet Base Reps and Executive members of the Club, read on!

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Editing your Fleet Base Page
Adding or Editing Events
Editing Recurring Events
Deleting Events
Adding or Editing Post Mission Reports
Changing your Password
Adding photos / images to your post
Uploading and sending out the club newsletter

How to add or edit content on this website

Login to the administration area


From the top menu item labelled “Member Services”, select “Contributor Login”.


Enter your username and password previously supplied in an email to you. (Fleetbase Reps and Executive – if you have not as yet received this, please contact web(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) and we will set this up for you.) The first time you log in you will be forced to change your password at this time before you can go further. See here for further instructions on how to do this.


You will then be in the website administration area. Go to one of the headings below depending on what you wish to do.

Editing your Fleet Base Page


After logging in to the admin area, hover over “Posts” from the left menu, then select “All Posts”.


You will find that initially you will only see the posts you own (these will be your fleet base page and any mission reports you have created).


If you click on the “All” link up the top of the screen you will see all the posts – but you will only be able to edit ones that you are the author for.


When you go in to edit the page, please do not change the title or the “permalink” at the top of the page, but just change the content inside the large box, under the top horizontal line (in order to keep the fleet base pages consistent with each other).

Adding images is relatively simple, simply place your cursor where you would like to add an image, and then drag in the image you would like to place there and the website will take care of the rest. Take note of the settings (doco to be fleshed out, but see how you go…)

When you have finished and are happy with your page, near the top of the screen, click on the “Update” button – this is in the “Publish” box on the top right of your screen. (For brand new pages the “Update” button is instead called “Publish”). Then you can (in another browser tab, I’d recommend!) check how your page looks, and you can go back and forth and edit it until you are happy with it.

Happy editing!

Adding or Editing Events


Hover over “Event” on the Left Menu. You will then be click on one of the selection – we will really only be worrying about “All Events” and “Add New” in this tutorial. Click on the “All Events” link.


You will then be shown a list of all the events (ever) on the website. Please take care when editing events so you only edit your own event! (Currently you have the capacity to change other fleet base events, but we ask that you restrain yourself and only edit/add your own fleet base’s events. From here you can click on the “Add New” button near the top of the screen (editing events follow similar steps to the ones below – if you wish to edit an event, hover over the event and you will see a small menu of items to choose from – as can be seen with the “Our Town Model Show” event in the image – you can then click on the link – please do not Trash events (unless you have created them and they are in error) – even if the event has passed, as we wish to be able to use these to generate the links for the Post Mission Reports in the future.


When you have clicked on the “Add New” button, first give your event a name (check the list of all events to see how other events have been labelled and label yours in a similar fashion).

Event Date and Time

You can then set the date(s) and time(s), and whether or not it is an all-day event, or set the start and end time. Please be aware that these events are seen by the general public, so it is suggested that you put times in there for both your members’ info and the general public – it would really be good form to stay at the event until the time you have gazetted via this event, so put the end time as to when you feel you definitely will be leaving/packing up so the general public are not disappointed if they plan to visit later in the event time (and you have already left).

If this is a recurring event, click on the “Repeat” Box, and then you can add the other dates for this event also, rather than creating new events for each iteration of this event.


Event Location

This is a clever little feature where the website picks up your location from Google Maps, and clicking on “Show Map” will give the website reader a map that they can find your event location from. You don’t need to enter the coordinates, you can type the address in, in the format shown in the image, and if you don’t have an exact address, you can use the map pointer to home in on the precise location.


Categories (Fleet Base running the event)

Select the Fleet Base who owns this event from the Categories on the right hand side of the screen – this is important as later you will probably want to filter the events in the calendar to only show your own events at some stage.


Organiser Contact Info

Optional – if you wish to enter this info. Please remember that this is visible to everyone on the planet! If you wish to put in an email address, please use the fleetbase email, not your personal one (as it goes to you anyway)

Editing Recurring Events

Say if you wish to change an event that is recurring, just for one instance, or cancel one instance of the event? Or remove or add an instance to the recurring event. We will deal with adding or removing an instance first, as that is the most simple.


Go to the Event you wish to change and click on it.


Scroll down to Event Date and Time information, and next to the Repeat checkbox you will see a series of dates. Click on the dates (the green ones next to the Repeat checkbox) and that will bring up another screen.


From this screen you can go through and select or deselect dates for this event, as simply as that.

Not so simply, if you want to change the time of just one of the events, or you wish to put a comment up (say if the event that time is cancelled, and you want to actually say it on the page, rather than deleting the event in the calendar), you will have to delete it from the recurring event, and create a new event for this one instance, as you can’t have different comments on separate instances of the event. Click here for instructions on how to Add New Events.

Deleting Events

We ask that you do not delete old events that have been and gone, for two reasons, one is that if an insurance claim is made you will need to prove that the event was a gazetted event for the club, and the other is that the event will be tied into Post Mission Reports, and deleting the event will delete the Mission Report (this feature yet to be implemented).

However, if an event is cancelled before the date it was due, depending on club policy (to be decided by the committee should they wish to), events are either marked as “Cancelled” (see Editing Events, above) or deleted.


To delete an event, simply hover above the name of the event (as in the case of “Thunder Graphics show – Draft” as shown here) and a set of options will apear. Select “Trash” and the event is deleted, boom boom, just like that. And that’s all there is to it. 🙂

Adding or Editing Post Mission Reports

Before you add your Mission Report, you need to do a bit of preparation work. Get all your photos the size you wish them to be, cropped if necessary, then you will be able to upload them to the website. My suggestion is to get the photos all uploaded in one hit rather than going back and forth and uploading them one at a time as you insert them into your post. Click here for instructions on how to add photos.


After logging in to the admin area, hover over “Posts” from the left menu, then select “Add New”.

Enter the title of your post/mission report. Then type your text (I recommend typing it elsewhere and then pasting it in – you can even use the same report that you use to submit to the newsletter, so you are not re-inventing the wheel.

It is important to select the correct Category, otherwise you will not see your report/post on the website. The default is “Uncategorised” but you need to uncheck that, and instead check the correct Fleet Base area that this mission report applies to.

When you have finished writing your text, or as you type – you will find what works best for you, you can upload and insert your photos. Click here for instructions on how to add photos.

If you select a photo once you have inserted it, you can change the alignment, change the size of the photo, or delete it.

Once you have completed your post, if you haven’t quite got everything there yet and don’t want to publish it as yet, but you want to save your work, click on the “Save Draft” button then you will be able to come back to it later (see instructions for Editing your Fleet Base Page these apply to editing posts/reports also). Otherwise, if you are happy for the Mission Report to be published on the website for the world to enjoy, click on the blue “Publish” button. (When next you come into this post to edit it, the Publish button will instead say “Update”.)

Once you have published the page, so that the mission reports display in chronological order on the website, click on the “Edit” link next to the Publish date, this will bring up the Publish date.

Change the date to the date of the event, then click on the Update button.

Changing your password

When you get your email saying you have been added as a user to the website, you will need to change your password first before you can start doing anything. (I will add content for how to do that at that stage later). The following will step you through how to change your password at a later time.


Login as usual.

ChangePassword2Go to Profile from the left menu, and select “Your Profile”.


There are options here that change the look and feel of the backend screen for you (this only affects the colours for you, not for anyone else, so play as you will!) Scroll down the page until you get to the change password bit.


Click on the “Generate Password” button and it will come up with a whole pile of gobbledegook, this is known as a “Strong” password. There are conventions as to what defines a weak or strong password, but this is set by each individual program, and WordPress has made its own definition of what constitutes a strong or weak password.


If you choose to use a “weak”, or in this case, “very weak” password, you will need to confirm this before you are allowed to update your password. Using a very weak or even a weak password is STRONGLY DISCOURAGED as it opens up the Task Force 72 website to being hacked and lost forever. So we suggest at a bare minimum, pick a “Medium” password, or better still, a Strong one. You can use the system generated password (the gobbledegook), to be the safest.


When you have clicked on “Update Profile” the screen will change and you will notice the message at the top of the screen saying “Profile updated”. Password has been changed.

Adding photos to your post

Place your cursor at the point where you want to place a photo.

AddPhoto01Click on the “Add Media” button

AddPhoto02Instead of uploading files, you can instead do the following.

AddPhoto03Open up the location where your photo is (usually File Manager in Windows)and drag the photo on top of the editor screen that you are working on your post in.

AddPhoto04Wait for the image to finish uploading, at that point you will be able to “Insert into page” – but before you click on this button, on the right hand side of the screen are some options. You can play around with these to get the photo size you are after – the settings in the image above show a photo of the size of the photo above with no link. If you want to have smaller photos, or thumbnails, you can choose that as an option and then link to the larger photo. Once you are happy with your options, click on the “Insert into page” button at the bottom right of the screen.

AddPhoto05If you don’t like something about the positioning of the photo, click on the photo and it brings up a little tool bar. Click on the pencil and you will be able to change some settings.

AddPhoto06You can change your alignment, size, link to photo, here.

AddPhoto07To make it so that when people click on the photo in the website it takes them to the full zise photo, select “Media File” …

AddPhoto08It will then show you the URL for the photo – click on the “Update” button when you are done.

You can also instead of clicking on the “Add Media” button, drag the photo straight into your post! Just put your cursor where you want your photo to be located, and drag it in from Windows Explorer (or whatever MACs call their file management system)


Then once the photo has finished uploading, you can click on the “Insert into page” button. The nice thing is that the system remembers your settings from last time, so if you are uploading a few photos all in the same size and alignment, you won’t have to go through and fiddle with the settings. (You may have to fiddle with the link to get it to go to the right photo, but I haven’t tested that out yet – when I do, I shall edit these notes!) See just above for info on changing the link to the photo.
If all goes pearshaped, please contact web(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) for further instructions!