Sending emails to all the members

Please note, only the executive committee has the ability to send emails out to all the members.

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Sending out the Club Newsletter
Sending out other emails to the members
Administration of the Email lists

Sending out the Club Newsletter.

In order to send out the Newsletter, you need to first upload the final pdf version of it to this website and then use the generated link to email out to the members. The instructions for this is as follows.

Login to the administration area (see instructions here for how to do so)

Once you have logged in, select “Media” from the left menu

Click on the “Add New” button. It will bring up the “Browse” dialogue, so find the pdf file and drag it across.

Then click on the file, to get the URL for later use.

You have now placed the file on the website, so you can now log out of the administration area.

Logging in to MailChimp.

You will now log in to MailChimp and send the email out to all members from there.

Login to using this URL:

Using your provided userid and password, Log in.

One of the first few times you log in, you may see this screen.

Deal to this page as you wish and then it will bring you to the following screen.

To send out an email to all the members, select “Campaigns” from the menu near the top of the page.

To send out an email, click on the “Create Campaign” button.

Click on the “Create an Email” icon down the bottom left of the popup screen.

Give the Campaign a name – for instance, “CLD 2018 May”, leave the default as “regular” up the top of the screen, and then click on the Begin button.

You will then be asked a series of questions. Click on “Add Recipients” – you will be asked to select a list.

Select the “Members” List from the dropdown. (Note, to use another list before you send your first email out to everybody, click here for instructions) This brings up a few more fields…

Leave the “Segment” as is (all subscribers).

Personalise the “To Field” – you can make your email personal to each subscriber  by using the FNAME and/or LNAME tags. Click on the Save button when you are done and then you can edit the “From” field.

Change the default for the “From address” here. If you don’t do this it will come from webadmin@taskforce, but you have a choice to change this to read, for instance, President TF72. You should change the email address also, so if any recipient replies, their email will go to the email address you put here. Click on the save button then select the Subject…

Add your subject line (an example is shown). Click on the Save button

OK, now we get to the bones of it… click on the Design Email button…

Do not choose any of the shown templates, but instead go to “Saved templates” near the top of the page.

Select the “Newsletter Email” template (note, if you wish to change this or the other templates, please email the webmaster and we will change these for you)

Don’t worry about the boxes on the right hand side, just click on the block on the left hand side with “Task Force 72 Club Newsletter”, you will then see the right hand side change to what you wish to update for this time.

If you wish to change the wording, you can do so here, and let me know so this becomes part of the template. What we also need to do is add the link to the pdf (the one you stored earlier in these notes) so select the “click here” in the text (or as much as you want to create a link for) then click on the chain (link) icon – fourth one in from the left under the Content button


Then enter the whole link to the pdf from before… all the way from the http:// … to the .pdf Then click on the Insert button and you will notice the selected text has changed to blue  on the left hand side of the screen.

Your email draft is now created, click on the Save & Close button at the bottom of the screen. You just need to send it now.

You can now click on the “Send” button (top right of the screen) if you are happy with it. (What I suggest doing is before you send your first email to everyone, send a test email, and also send to a test email list so you are comfortable with the process. You can add yourself to the test email list before you do this – I won’t add instructions to that here right now, but shall get to that! There is a test email list available for you to try out.)

To see the results and stats from your email, find the campaign and you will be able to click on the “View Report” button that appears to see the stats.

Find the campaigns titled “Member’s Newsletter” (note, this may not be near the top of the page, depending on how often emails are sent out – scroll through until you find it).

Sending out other emails to the members.

These instructions will be added soon (as they are needed!)

Administration of the Email lists.

Adding users to a list manually.

After you login to MailChimp, (instructions here) select “Lists” at the top of the screen…

Then select the list you wish to add a user to.

Select “Add contacts”… select “Add a subscriber”…

Then fill out the relevant details – Email address, first and last name are sufficient, however for interest sake you may also wish to add country. Click on the “This person gave me permission to email them” check box. This is so they won’t get the confirmation email, but doublecheck you have their email and name entered correctly.

Click on the “Subscribe” button.

As new members to the club join and give you their email address, you would add them to the “Member” list.