Navy Arvo Mission Report 1907 – WHCC 2 March 2019

Mission Sitrep No. FBGS-1907

Date of Mission: Navy Arvo Saturday 2 March 2019

Location of Mission: Workers Hubertus Country Club


Weather was good considering what we have had the past several months, temperature in the mid-twenties, a little cloudy at times with no wind to speak of.

Ships in Attendance:

A typical Navy Arvo with various scale models in attendance ranging in scales from 1/72 up to 1/24. The 1/72 scale models in attendance were HMS Guernsey, HMAS Macquarie, Russian Patrol Boat Nanuchka, INS Athay, HMCS Shediac, USS Roosevelt.

Members in Attendance:

Peter Schroder, Brian McKellar, Tony Page, Allan Pew, Phil Chapman, Craig Taylor, Stephen Taylor, John Konda, Joe Zaragoza, Mark Buttsworth, Rob Ritchie, Mick Elst, Bob Stevenson.

Mission Actions:

A pleasant sailing day with calm water although the water level in the lake is still extremely low, Rob Ritchie knows how low the water is, he attempted to launch Roosevelt and sunk up to his knees in mud so definitely not a big ship water level at the moment. Bob Stevenson from Fleet Base Canberra and Mick Elst from Fleet Base Wagga Wagga also joined us for a sail.