Wentworth Falls Mission Report 1916 – Sunday 22 October 2019

Mission Sitrep No. FBGS-1916

Date of Mission: Sunday 22 October 2019

Location of Mission: Wentworth Falls Lake


A nice sunny morning greeted us on our arrival with good conditions experienced for the remainder of the run. Lake condition was excellent.

Ships in Attendance:

A range of vessels on the day in varying scales. In 1/72 scale, vessels ranged from coastal Motor Gun Boats, Island Class Patrol Boat, Destroyers, Frigates, Fleet Oiler, Patrol Boats, Offshore Support Vessel and a Port Phillip Pilot Tender.

Members in Attendance:

Phil Chapman, Geoff Eastwood, John Konda, Jim Campion, Mike James, Peter Schroder, Tony Page, Michael & Robyn Brown, Rob Corner, Phil Somerville, Jim Campion, Dave, Josh & Lachlan Pearce, Paul Hornby.

Mission Actions:

It was great to see a good roll up of skippers at the lake. General sailing took place with 1/72 scale models throughout the morning. Formation sailing went well with several vessels participating.  A great run day was had by us all.