How to place or remove an Ad

by Task Force 72
Published: 7 May 2016 (5 years ago)

Members, if you want to advertise something for sale to the general public, please draft up your ad, with some photos if possible (photos help sell things more quickly) and send to your Fleet Base Rep and they will place your ad in this area. Please let them know when your item is sold so they can remove out of date ads from here.

If you placed the ad yourself, and wish to remove it for any reason:

  • Log in to the website back end…
  • Go to Classifieds
  • Find the Ad you wish to edit
  • On the right hand side in the “Publish” box, is an “Expires” option.
  • Click on Edit, uncheck “Never Expires” and change the date to sometime before today, then click on “OK” and then click on the “Update” button. It will then disappear from the website.