Penrith Mission Report 1913 – 27 July 2019

Mission Sitrep No. FBGS-1913

Date of Mission: Saturday 27 July 2019

Location of Mission: International Regatta Centre, Penrith


A nice sunny morning about 20 degrees, a slight breeze late morning for about half an hour and then back to still conditions.

Ships in Attendance:

USS Kirk, HMAS Melbourne, HMS Cleopatra, HMS Chatham, HSwMS Harnosand, Russian OSA Missile Boat, BPB MGB.

Members in Attendance:

Phil Chapman, Chris Uttley, Rob Ritchie, Michael & Robyn Brown, Peter Schroder, Rob Corner.

Mission Actions:

The lake looked like glass on our arrival although the weed had been cut recently which meant we were checking our props regularly throughout the day. I experimented placing my ballast in Kirk lower in the hull with good results, she doesn’t roll anywhere near severely as it did and she had a gentle heal in a right turn due to prop torque. Michael brought his Type 22 Frigate HMS Chatham which is the first time she has been in the water for a number of years. Michael had been working on her ballast of late as he swapped the SLA batteries for Lipos. It was great to see Chatham sailing with HMS Cleopatra and USS Kirk. Rob put HMAS Melbourne thru her paces, Peter sailed his still under construction Visby Class Frigate Harnosand but was still experiencing a water leak inside near the transom. He also sailed is OSA Missile boat and Rob Corner sailed his newly acquired OSV. Chris Uttley made a cameo appearance but didn’t sail.